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Kitos M and E, Classic
USM Kitos Desks Colors and Surfaces
A range of stylish and durable tabletop finishes offer aesthetic - as well as functional - versatility.
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USM Kitos Modern Office Desks

Customize your desk to create the most productive space using the USM Haller Kitos. This modern office desk is highly customizable for your workstation needs. Using the classic and renowned stylings of USM Haller, we have created the perfect desk for any space. Whether you are designing your ideal executive office or the perfect work from home office solution, the USM Kitos desk can make it work. With a range of colors and setups, this modular standing desk is a perfect fit for any room. Set the tone for your office using the USM Kitos table as a modern reception area desk
. USM is well known for its elegant and sturdy design and this desk is no different. It has modularity and practicality while still upholding the beauty that USM strives for in every project. See how other people have used the USM Kitos desk in their spaces in the inspiration gallery.