About USM

USM – a Swiss family run business since 1885.
Its iconic USM Haller system today is the synonym for modularity and timeless design of highest quality.

USM History & Origin
USM History & origin
50 Years of Design
and Innovation
USM has been a Swiss family run business since 1885. The USM Haller along with our other ranges of tables and accessories all show our commitment to unparalleled innovation, genuine quality and true style.

As well as creating world-class products, we care about building lasting relationships with our customers. Our work to keep the environmental impact of our products to a minimum has been rewarded with prestigious Greenguard certification for low chemical and particle emissions.
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The History of
a Family Business
1885 - 1960
A family business is born
Evolving into a world-class furniture business
1970 - 2000
Becoming a global company
2001 - Present
World-leaders in design and environmentalism
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Our efforts to preserve the environmental impact of our products have been rewarded with the prestigious Green-guard chemical and particle emission certification and the cradle to cradle certification for the development of uncyclable products.
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The USM Service
USM provides a full service, giving you expert professional support every step of the way, from design to installation and beyond.
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The USM Value
Our core values run deep and permeate every element of what we do - from building furniture to building relationships.
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USM Architecture
Did You Know
USM Has Roots
In Architecture?
The USM Haller system, made up of sheet metal and steel tubes connected by unique connecting ball, has offered endless possibilities for installations for more than 50 years. But do you know how this ingenious system was born?

Located in Munsingen, Switzerland, USM was founded in 1885 as a family-owned metals factory.
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