USM and coperni

Fashion brand Coperni expands with modular USM pop-up stores around the world

The French avant-garde fashion label Coperni got in touch with USM at the Paris Fashion Week 2019 for the first time, resulting in a long-term and equally nurturing partnership.


The fashion brand was founded in 2013 by the two designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, whose experience in the studios of Balenciaga and Chanel infuses a thorough knowledge of embroidery techniques through their work, streamlined with a linear sensibility that marries exhaustive origami-like technique with a neat, ‘sportif’ silhouette. Ever since the profound design language of Meyer and Vaillant has earned Coperni a lot of recognition in the fashion scene and several prestigious prizes.


Lately Coperni attracted a lot of attention due to its extravagant design of several pop-up stores around the world built entirely from the modular USM Haller system. First at the prestigious Printemps Haussmann department store in Paris, followed by Selfridges in London, pop-ups in Hainan, Shanghai, Seoul, and recently at Nordstrom in New York City.

Sébastien Meyer, the creative director of Coperni, has envisioned a new “techno-chic” for the unique retail experience in these pop-ups, drawing inspiration from the clean lines and sleek design of the iconic USM Haller, complementing Coperni’s futuristic and cutting-edge styles.

Particularly intriguing was the futuristic floor at Printemps in Paris, where traditional Versailles parquet was beautifully united with the USM Haller chrome tubes, resulting in a distinctive visual identity for the space.


The modularity of USM comes with several benefits here: On the one hand, it allowed to both serve as the striking wall structure giving the brand’s corner its remarkable identity, as well as the various smaller pieces to display the fashion brands product. On the other hand, the modular elements could easily be fitted to the measurement of each individual space, and could of course at any time be adapted, reconfigured, or rebuilt elsewhere in different forms and functions for other installations.

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Coperni expands with USM