Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Dick’s Clothing Store

Dick’s is a charming clothing store located in the vibrant area of Stockbridge, in Edinburgh’s New Town. The store boasts a beautiful collection of menswear, womenswear, accessories and homewares with an emphasis on quality and longevity.


Tangram who have been our trusted Sales Partner located in Scotland were delighted to be asked to supply a storage solution to help display the stunning collections. To ensure the collections were displayed effectively and to maximise storage potential, interior designer Wouter Bossenbroek from Tangram worked in collaboration with the shop owner. In total three USM Haller units were chosen, each carefully configured to best present Dick’s gorgeous products.

We speak to Uli the shop owner of Dick’s Clothing ...

Tell us a bit about your store, when did you open?


When opened in 2012 as we felt there was a need in Edinburgh for a shop selling quality men’s and women’s clothing. We now connect with outstanding manufacturers and brands from all around the world. Our expertise lies in curating and presenting tightly edited selections. Our passion for expert craftsmanship, manufacturing, and the human stories behind each item, informs every aspect of our business; hence the choice of USM shelving. We love to celebrate longevity and integrity and select objects and pieces that reflect this ethos.

What’s your top seller in store?


We support sustainable manufacturing processes and source goods locally as often as we can. We have always wanted to work with the best in the field and are lucky in Scotland to have such a wonderful heritage of manufacturing knitwear on our doorstep. Over the past 10 years, we have forged close relationships with local brands including Jamieson’s, Harley, Begg & Co, who are all exceptional companies, who support their local communities. Besides this, we sell beautiful hand crafted timeless pieces by Casey Casey, Bergfabel, Le Bonne Facture and many more. Our pieces are sought after around the world.

The large display unit in the middle of the shop incorporated a glass top with locking drawers to ensure precious items were safely on display and the back wall unit incorporated Haller E lighting to accentuate hanging and folded clothing.

How did you first hear about USM?


It’s one of those things we always knew about and it’s nice to finally have it in the shop – and in our house!

What made you opt for USM in your store?


We wanted to make the shop look more special and USM certainly does that. We love the fact that it is not site specific and it lasts a life time, it is sustainable and timeless. We can add and change the layout of the structure as it fits our requirements. It fits in with our Ethos and values.

“The highly functional USM Haller system works perfectly in their beautiful store and it was lovely to work with a local business similar to our own.” says Tangram



With many colour options and unlimited configurations, the possibilities are endless. Here, Dick’s chose a pure white finish for the units for a clean and fresh look which complements the collections and allows them to stand out. The shop floorboards were then painted to match the units creating a harmonious, beautiful setting.

Discover more: dicks-edinburgh.co.uk

USM Sales Partner: Tangram

Photographer: ZAC and ZAC