Join us during
Milan Design Week
USM in motion |
creative since 1965

April 15 - 21, 2024
Open daily 10am-7:30pm
Rossignoli Bikes

Corso Garibaldi 71 Brera, Milano


Milan Design Week 2024: Swiss furniture maker USM explores its DNA through performative transformations of the iconic USM Haller modular furniture system. The exhibit showcases the system’s modular “language”—breathed into existence almost 60 years ago by creators Fritz Haller and Paul Schärer—and elucidates its relevance as part of today’s vibrant design landscape.


Come witness the USM Haller system animated, as it shape-shifts on a futuristic stage in front of Milan’s oldest bicycle shop, Rossignoli. Glimmering spheres, tubes, and connectors are assembled and reassembled in real time around an array of colorful panels to create progressive USM furniture iterations. The classic is repeatedly transformed, revealing its simplicity, beauty, and ingenuity.


Surrounding the performance at center stage, an interactive exhibition invites visitors to explore the rich history of the USM Haller furniture system. Discover intriguing figures and artifacts behind doors, through peepholes, and in drawers.


USM is also pleased to welcome you to its outdoor gathering spot and “Bar Fritz and Paul”— adjacent to the exhibition space. Come out and connect!


For six decades, USM has been simultaneously timeless and contemporary. It’s this powerful combination that propels USM into the future.




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